Stuck? Writing something, anything, helps.

Over the last few weeks at the writing group I attend there has been some discussion on how those of us who are writing novels go about it, meticulous planning vs. just start and see […]

Writers – lots in my summary blog

While I’m spending a week in the sun I thought I’d bring together some of my writing blogs.  So please dip in, I’m sure you’ll find something useful, encouraging or entertaining. 1)  Two recent blogs […]

An author blog – what it can and can’t do for you, part 1.

I’ve been blogging now for close to two years.  I publish my author blog every week on a Wednesday without fail (he says, fingers crossed) and have published over 100 posts.  Even when I go on […]

Go on – read some science fiction

OK, I know, I would say this, I’m a science fiction writer, and yes I hope at some point you might read mine.  However, there is a whole world (actually many worlds) of excellent science […]

What makes a good science fiction read? Part 1)

This blog (and some future ones, I also want to cover the same for Fantasy) were prompted by two books I have read recently.  The first being ‘Zero Point (Owner Trilogy 2)’ by Neal Asher […]