Writers – read more and wider

Left to my own devices I tend to stick to my genre, science fiction and given the choice, my favourite writers of the moment (or just my favourite authors if they have new book out).  There’s […]

New Books – what now? part 1)

Some months ago I blogged about what my plans might be when I was ready to launch my new book.  Well everything is ready to go and ‘Bleak – The story of a shape shifter’ is […]

Holiday inspiration – part1)

Bit of a risk this.  Normally when I go away I have a blog or two prepared and ready to go.  This time I decided to take inspiration from the holiday.  At least it seemed like […]

Information technology – who’s in charge?

Now I’m of an age where I can remember setting out on a car journey with just a map and a good idea of how to get there.  No satnav, no mobile phone and in […]

New book – launch plan, well almost.

If you follow my blog you might be aware that I have a new book coming out soon ‘Bleak’, a story of a manipulent (shapeshifter).  My son has promised me the cover design soon and […]