Write because you love writing

On twitter I see offers all the time for, courses – how to write that block buster, that formula for success. I don’t believe them. I don’t mean that we can’t all learn, improve, sell […]

A challenge to celebrity and well-known authors

This blog challenge is inspired by two things: 1) I am trying to read and review more self-published authors, which I feel is only fair if I’m asking others to read and review my books. […]

Science fiction and science – chicken and egg?

So the chicken and egg conundrum, which comes first? I think the same is true of science and science fiction.  I was reminded of this by the recent pictures of the Spacex reusable booster coming […]

5 more reasons for writing and reading short stories

Some time ago I blogged on the value of short stories to a fiction writer, any fiction writer i.e. they shouldn’t be viewed as some lesser form of the writing craft or inferior.  If anything […]

2015 – Inspiration from one writer’s year

I will start by saying it is impossible to look back on this year without being reminded of the many terrible events that have taken place.  And in many ways the world seems to have […]